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Davide Zaffino Announces MindiCANNA Is Now Available Online And in Most Quebec Branches

Davide Zaffino recently announced that MindiCANNA cannabis products are now available online and in most Quebec SQDC branches.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA / April 12, 2021 / The producers of MindiCANNA received the major breakthrough they’ve been looking for in January. Carl Richard and Daniel Lessard are the founders of MindiCANNA, and they’ve been trying to get their products on SQDC shelves across Quebec for more than four years. Davide Zaffino, President of ROSE LifeScience, recently explained how this standard producer made a big move in January 2021.

“The people of Quebec deserve access to the remarkable products standard producers are creating,” Davide Zaffino said. “DLYS is a collective of brands that have made this possible.”

Davide Zaffino

Davide Zaffino explained that AMOS, a product developed by MindiCANNA, will be the first cannabis product fo the DLYS collective to hit Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) shelves across the province.

The founders of MindiCANNA explained that they feel like they’ve been running a marathon since 2016, and they’ve just reached the finish line. They were proud to be the first standard producers in the province to receive their license in 2020, and are now elated to be the first on the shelves. The production of Amos began in May 2020, and the product was ready in the fall. However, MindiCANNNA had to wait several more months before products could reach shelves in January 2021.

Davide Zaffino explained that, right now, MindiCANNA’s license allows the company to produce up to 200 square meters of product. They are still waiting to receive the required permits to distribute and package the products, so they are now using Zaffino’s company ROSE LifeScience as a third party. LifeScience is currently packaging the product in bags and jars for SQDC shelves.

This esteemed standard producer currently has five employees, not including its founders, and is planning on increasing that number to eight to keep up with production. MindiCANNA is currently operating at 85 percent of its licensed capacity, so it needs to keep plants in constant rotation to maximize profits while staying within the limits of the license. The company expects to see even more growth as customers begin to use the products regularly.

“Some of these standard producers are creating products that rival or even surpass major producers, and we’re determined to help them be seen,” Davide Zaffino explained. “At ROSE LifeScience, we’re far more than producers of top-quality cannabis products. We also offer a range of marketing services to help other producers reach their full potential.”

Residents of Quebec can now find MindiCANNA’s product AMOS on SQDC shelves throughout the province. The next step is to take it throughout Canada and, one day, to the international market.