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Curtail CTO Featured in Microsoft Interview: Finding Unknown Unknowns and Zero-Day Bugs within Azure CI/CD Pipelines

EPISODE AIRS: May 25, 2021, 7:00AM PST

Finding Unknown Unknowns and Zero-Day Bugs within Azure CI/CD Pipelines

Curtail CTO Robert Ross gives an interview with Microsoft’s Steven Murawski on using a new technique to see and prevent bugs from going into production in Azure DevOps Pipelines as a final gate before release to assure production standards and protect user experience.

Anaheim, CA

Curtail ReGrade’s novel method of testing compares a production version of software to a release candidate, by playing the same network inputs to both versions and observing the differences in response. This method identifies differences from unexpected application behavior and configuration missteps prior to release but with the ability to observe the behavior as if it had been released. These differences indicate not only known issues but also unknown problems that had not been contemplated by the current testing regimen. Unlike canary testing, production users are not affected, continuing to run on the known primary software version.

  • Robert Ross describes how in Microsoft Azure DevOps, Curtail ReGrade works as an automated test to identify known and unknown bugs prior to release.
  • ReGrade provides unique Root Cause Analysis (RCA) needed to locate and fix defects with the actual network message responses caused by bugs or misconfigurations.
  • The interview is available at https://youtu.be/56xhKJhTIWI

About Curtail:

Curtail, based in Anaheim, Calif., is changing how IT is implemented for government agencies, financial institutions, service providers, and enterprise organizations that are developing and launching new software and services, particularly in DevOps environments. By accelerating development while stopping vulnerabilities before they occur, Curtail keeps systems protected and running, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime, attacks or equipment failure. Website: www.curtail.com

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