Press Release democratises traditional financial markets for the crypto community democratises traditional financial markets for the crypto community, the world’s first regulated tokenised securities exchange, is changing the way crypto investors access traditional markets through its sleek and intuitive platform, designed with both traditional and crypto traders in mind.


The platform facilitates the exchange of fiat currency for cryptocurrency as well as the ability for all to invest in traditional financial markets through the purchasing of tokenised securities.


The exchange is multifaceted and consists of two modes: Exchange and Leverage. Expectedly, the Exchange mode is for fiat to crypto exchange, or vice versa, as well as the non-leveraged trading of tokens on traditional markets. The Leverage mode is used to trade on margin, with the option of a margin up to 100:1 on certain markets.


Traders can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more recently, Litecoin for US dollars, euros and Belarusian Ruble. The hallmark of this platform, however, is the option to choose between using fiat or cryptocurrency as collateral when trading tokenised securities. For the first time, investors in the cryptocurrency community have hassle-free access to traditional markets – whether that be Apple shares or currency pairs.


Gone are the days of crypto investors having to exchange their holdings into fiat every time they want exposure in the financial markets. Using cryptocurrency as collateral on’s platform allows traders to “trade with crypto and profit in crypto”, as the company claims. This move has further democratised traditional financial markets for the crypto community. Users now have the option of trading a wide variety of markets using crypto or fiat as collateral with the option of up to 100:1 leverage.


Ivan Gowan, CEO of, is certain of the importance of this. “The arrival of tokenised securities will completely change how investors can use their cryptocurrencies. Linking crypto to the price of stocks and shares provides a tangible way for holders of Bitcoin and Ethereum to access traditional financial markets. Our beta launch proved the appetite is there globally for a service like this and’s full launch marks a significant shift in the direction of crypto as it becomes more regulated and starts to move closer towards traditional markets.” offers over 1000 markets on its platform. By purchasing tokenised securities, that track underlying real assets, traders can gain exposure to a wide variety of markets with the option of leveraged trading. For example, users can purchase a token that mirrors the performance of a Tesla share on the Nasdaq – TSLA.CX – that has identical economic costs and benefits.


The company offers a wide range of popular assets which include popular cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, as well as popular commodities, indices, shares and currencies. All of which can be trade with, or without, leverage.


Interestingly, also offers the world’s first tokenised government bond. Clients of will be able to trade and invest in tokenised bonds using fiat money or cryptocurrency. So far the company has issued a tokenised version of Belarusian government bonds but plans to include more government and corporate bonds in time. are bringing tokenised securities to the masses.


Regulated by the High Technology Park of Belarus under Decree No. 8 “On the Development of a Digital Economy”, the company adheres to a high standard. This legislation constitutes one of the first fully fledged cryptocurrency regulatory frameworks available. It includes strict AML and KYC processes and various safety measures to ensure user verification and protection. offers both a web and mobile platform; available on iOS and Android. The newly released mobile application provides the same set of features available on the web desktop platform. The mobile app is one of the most sophisticated of its kind and provides crypto traders with a host of new capabilities – those that have long been available in the traditional financial world – such as 50% margin close outs and selling at loss.


Recently, the platform now offers short-operations on tokensied securities. All markets on the leveraged exchange are available for shorting, so traders can profit in a falling market as well as a rising market.


The company has introduced a referral program, after considering crypto influencer feedback during the platform’s beta launch, which encourages users to invite others to the platform by offering a monetary reward, namely half of the referred individuals trading commission for six months. This will be paid on a weekly basis and is an interesting incentive structure for users.




Launched in April 2019, is a blockchain technology company, which operates the world’s first trading platform for tokenised securities, which allows investors to use their cryptocurrency assets to invest in, and profit from, global financial markets – without the pressure of exchanging their crypto portfolio into fiat money. is licensed, authorized and regulated by the High Technology Park of Belarus under Decree No. 8 ‘On the Development of a Digital Economy’.

The company is backed by VP Capital and Larnabel Ventures, with Ivan Gowan as CEO who spent 15 years heading up technology development for IG, growing the trading platform in value from $250 million to over $3 billion .

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