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Crypto Visa Card Has Launched, and You Can Get PAID To Get Yours

Crypto Visa Card Has Launched
iCrowd Newswire - Sep 6, 2019 article-crypto-visa After a long wait, the card that accompanies the Crypto App has shipped. The card is free, no credit check is required, and you can earn crypto by using it – that answers the most common questions. While those who received theirs over the past couple weeks waited up to a year, everyone who orders now will get theirs in about a week. Unfortunately for those early birds, the bonus for getting yours now is actually better – so here’s how to get the card and their new $50 incentive. Get paid to get your card… You must be a new user, and it needs to be done through an invite link. – Their token is called MCO, and you need to be holding 50 before you can get your free card. – Using a bank account, debit, or credit card (will not work if you use crypto) buy 50 MCO tokens. – Now you will see you’ve been credited an additional $50! Order your card for free, and wait. In about a week the card arrives… Now the funds you put in to get the card, along with the $50 bonus, can be spent with the card! You’ll even earn cashback (in crypto) when you do. That’s it – you just got paid to get a Crypto Visa card, click here and do it yourself!

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