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Critical Tasks to Keep G Suite Running Smoothly

G Suite administrators should keep up-to-date on Google’s monthly updates and periodically review settings for apps, users, devices and security.  

If you serve as a G Suite administrator for your organization, you know how much your team members appreciate the convenience and tight integration of Google’s premier business services apps. You also know that maintaining that functionality requires constant vigilance.

What are the key actions to take to ensure that G Suite continues to provide maximum uptime and productivity in your organization?

Nick Hess with SureTec IT in Portland, OR works with businesses across the Pacific Northwest support their G Suite (Google Apps) installations and helping with optimization and general use.  He shares these insights into how G Suite administrators can support their end clients.

Review Your Administrative Settings

As a G Suite admin, you likely handle a variety of tasks, including adding and deleting accounts and devices, configuring security settings, and managing shared resources. To keep your system running smoothly, consider scheduling a periodic review of all administrative settings to ensure that they continue to meet your organization’s needs.

As part of your review, be sure to take a look at your G Suite Admin page, where you can adjust a variety of settings, including control of malware and spam that targets users in your organization, external file sharing, and privacy preferences. You also can take advantage of Google’s Quickstart guide for recommendations on security settings and best practices.

In addition, you’ll want to survey your user accounts periodically to make sure the active accounts match up with a master list of authorized users. Within your G Suite Admin console, you can suspend or delete unused accounts after preserving any needed data.

Take a Look at Apps and Devices

Along with monitoring security and user accounts, G Suite administrators should keep an eye on the devices and apps authorized for use on an organization’s account.

Consider a periodic review of your G Suite app settings to ensure that the apps continue to meet the needs of your business. As Google rolls out new app features, setting options may change, and some settings — including those for Google Drive and calendars — affect sharing configurations. To change settings, choose Apps from your admin console home screen.

Under the Devices setting on your console, you can review all devices authorized for G Suite and remove any that are no longer needed. Sorting by the last sync can help you identify older devices that may not be in use.

Keep Abreast of Google Changes

Google makes frequent changes to its algorithms and apps, and some of those changes can impact your G Suite implementation. Google Support offers a list of recent changes as part of its G Suite Admin help center, where you can find out details about recent enhancements and new features.

You also can visit the “what’s new” page to learn about G Suite releases for the previous month, and you can review archives of older releases by month. In addition, you can learn about upcoming releases, including new products and features related to G Suite.

For G Suite administrators, keeping users, apps and devices current can represent a never-ending job. By monitoring Google’s recent and upcoming changes to its cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools, you can stay ahead of the curve.

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