Consider How Rural Americans Help Outside with Economy and Opioid Crisis

Most of the time, rural Americans take a relatively negative view of outsiders like Washington, D. , having a say in their communities. Issues like the opioid crisis quickly put rural communities out of their depth, as they struggle to know what to do to combat it. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation studied rural Americans and their opinions on the matter.


Many consider money to be at the forefront of both issues, as the tax base rural communities used to have simply isn’t there. The issue of drug addiction affects rural Americans in more ways than one.


If conventional hostility from rural communities towards the government as a body is lifting a little bit, then there’s a good chance that small-town residents can get real help with issues surrounding drug use and the economy. With the internet the way it is these days, there are many different options when it comes to being granted a loan for times when things are financially difficult.

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