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Communications Platform Beekeeper Offers Free Crisis-Ready Kit To Companies Affected By Coronavirus

Oakland, California, March 25, 2020 — In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, companies are trying to navigate the complexities of keeping every employee safe and informed through their crisis communications. Beekeeper is seeking to help businesses that have been struggling to effectively communicate rapidly evolving updates to their workforce.

The mobile-first communication platform for frontline workers is now offering a free Crisis-Ready Kit to help support crisis communications. The secure platform is currently available for free to all companies – regardless of size or industry – for 30 days. Beekeeper has already seen a drastic increase in the usage of their platform, reporting a 25% increase in weekly active users since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Across the 20 different industries where Beekeeper is active, the top industries driving the increase are:

– Logistics (+51%)

– Health (+48%)

– Construction (+44%)

– Manufacturing (+32%)

– Government (+32%)

– Financial Services (+25%)

The steepest increases happened in Italy on Feb 26, in France and Spain on March 11, in Switzerland and Germany on March 16, and in the United States on March 18th.

Beekeeper’s Co-Founder and CEO, Cris Grossmann, commented on the increase in activity saying, “These industries are under more pressure than ever before to keep our supply chains, hospitals, and governance running under these exceptional circumstances. In many cases, they are onboarding thousands of new temporary workers. We’re here to help them reach their employees with consistent and accurate information fast, rather than waiting for critical information to filter down via GMs, team leads, and briefings. This is not just critical to the continuing function of organizations – it is also a moral duty to employees, who have indicated that they are likely to look to their employers over their governments for information about the coronavirus.”

The Crisis-Ready Kit gives companies 30 days of free access to the Beekeeper platform, empowers teams to coordinate with up-to-the-minute information using real-time messaging, newsfeeds, document storage, shift schedules, and more. The kit also includes a Crisis Communication Checklist to help companies think through their COVID-19 response plan.

Beekeeper customer Stefan Wey, Deputy Head of Marketing and Communication at Kantonsspital Baden AG in Switzerland, weighed in on his company’s decision to engage with the platform, “At KSB, the Beekeeper app has now become the most important information channel for our employees. The app has once again proven its strength in overcoming the challenges posed by the coronavirus in a large acute-care hospital like KSB. The doctor in charge of Infectiology provides up-to-date information on all important aspects of dealing with the situation – this creates security for all professional groups directly affected.”

Beekeeper has set up an emergency rollout team to support new customers who need to reach their frontline workforce faster than ever before. The company has already helped many businesses implement the platform in less than 48 hours, with more than 80% of the workforce being active on the platform within just 3 days after rollout.

Interested companies should fill out the company’s Crisis-Ready Kit form and will be contacted shortly for information on how to get started.

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