Common reasons of Hard drive beeping

Hard disk can make different noises that means something is not working appropriately in hard disk, but a beeping sound is a clear indicator that your hard disk is failing. Beeping is actually the sound of internal components of your disk trying and failing to power up. Hard disk do not beep normally. The beeping sound is from the struggle of drive’s mechanical components. Sometime a hard drive start beeping because of failure of it’s electronics to supply sufficient energy to the spindle motor, but these are very rare cases. If drive’s electronics are damage, then motor will not spin up at all. Inside your hard drive the spindle motor hub spins the hard disk platters inside at many thousand revolutions per minute. For read and write data to these disks, elegant read write heads hang just a few nanometre from the platter facet. If heads strike onto the platters, they can plunge and stop on the platters. Beeping sound comes from the spindle motor hub when it’s try to spin the platters.

Fix Seagate hard drive beeping

Many times the seagate hard drive start beeping if it’s port is dusty. Let’s discuss some points how can we clear the dust from it’s port.

Clear the dust

  1. First disconnect your external hard drive from your computer.
  2. Then unplug the cable from hard drive.
  3. Gale into the ports of computer, cable and hard drive.
  4. Again connect the hard drive to computer via same cable and check weather the hard disk is still beeping or not.

Use different cable

Some time the hard drive beeping noise vanished when power cable is plugged in but returns back when you connect the data cable with hard drive. In such type of cases, may be the problem is due to infected data cable. You can try using a new cable to attach your hard disk with the computer. After this if the beeping sound is gone.

Change the port

Some time it may possible your seagate external hard drive is beeping due to there is not sufficient energy to support it. In this kind of situation you can try a USB Y cable with two connectors to avoid beeping sound, but you make sure both connectors are plugged into computer tightly. Or you can use a USB hub to connect hard drive to computer instead of connecting it directly. Now check if the hard drive is still making beeping noise.

Connect external hard drive to another computer

Some time the beeping sound may arise even after attempting the methods above in this situation you can attempt connecting target hard drive to another system. All these methods are not enough to  assist you out if the problem remains may be the hard drive is not accessible you have to look for some other solutions.

Check your hard drive in case of beeping

To check the error of your hard drive you can take help from windows CHKDSK command line tool. This is possible only when your hard drive is recognized by your system then follow these steps:

  • Try to connect target disk to your computer
  • Type CMD in search box and then right click this tool to run Command prompt as administrator
  • Type the command “chkdsk g: /r” and press the enter key to proceed.

You can also use professional software to test external hard drive when you hear beeping.