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Cloud Court, Inc. Releases Armatus™, the Legal Industry’s First SaaS Product Enabling Litigation Teams to Auto-search eDiscovery Documents as a Witness Is Testifying

Monday, October 18, 2021, Minneapolis, Minn.: Cloud Court, Inc. (Cloud Court) today announced the general availability of Armatus, a new cloud-based tool for litigators. Armatus is a patent-pending software platform designed specifically for the deposition lifecycle: from witness preparation through the deposition itself and post-deposition analysis. It combines AI-driven realtime transcription, auto-search of eDiscovery documents based on that transcription, and remote collaboration in a single interface.

Armatus empowers litigation teams to question and defend witnesses more effectively, or to rapidly counter or neutralize potentially damaging testimony during depositions. “Conventional wisdom says that the best way to settle a case is to prepare for trial,” says Norm Taple, COO at Gurstel Law Firm P.C. and Board Chair of Cloud Court. “But in practice, trial is statistically very unlikely to happen. What you should be doing is positioning your case for the best settlement possible. That means concentrating on taking outstanding depositions. Armatus makes this much easier.”

Armatus enables attorneys to maximize the benefits of their existing eDiscovery production and to collaborate with in-room and distributed litigation teams in new and powerful ways, including through the preparation of witnesses in advance of depositions. During the deposition itself, the deposing attorney as well as their in-room and remote team members can read and select realtime transcript content, auto-search eDiscovery production without having any experience with the eDiscovery platform itself, and instantly see relevant documents that help them craft questions.

“Having managed hundreds of cases for both private and public companies, I can say that one of the best ways to settle a case on favorable terms is to take devastatingly effective depositions,” says Michael Okerlund, a former IP litigator and GC and now the CEO of Cloud Court. “Crush an expert deposition and your settlement position — not to mention your posture for summary judgement and trial – improves dramatically. Botch it, and your universe just got a little darker. Which is why it makes sense to prepare for key depositions with the same care that you approach trial. Leveraging technology and your broader team through Armatus enables you to dominate in depositions.”

“In designing Armatus, we consulted with attorneys across the litigation landscape, including law firms, in-house counsel, government entities, testifying experts, judges, and more,” says Milena Higgins, Ph.D., CTO for Cloud Court. “We designed Armatus to both strengthen and simplify the task of taking (or defending) a key deposition.” According to Dr. Higgins, “Depositions are fluid, unpredictable, and time constrained, thus it is challenging to find the ideal document to question a witness on the fly about something you didn’t know was going to come up. We built Armatus to help litigators leverage the collective knowledge of their entire litigation teams so they can do just that.”

The total solution consists of:

  • AI-driven speech-to-text transcription based on millions of hours of testing coupled with custom dictionaries for cases involving technical terminology
  • Auto-search as the witness is testifying
  • Role-based, secure access to eDiscovery databases usable by teams with zero familiarity with complex eDiscovery platforms
  • Secure, live collaboration with remote participants
  • Side-by-side realtime transcription and eDiscovery search results

Armatus will be generally available starting October 22, 2021. For more information on Armatus or to request a demonstration, visit

About Cloud Court

Cloud Court, Inc. is a LegalTech company formed by litigation professionals. Our mission is to leverage modern technology to help our clients win difficult cases they could lose, as well as cases that could go either way. We also help our clients win the cases that they should win, only win them earlier and on better terms. Our primary focus is testimony, with a strong emphasis on deposition testimony. Learn more at

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