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“Cleopatra Fitzgerald NYC Is Making An Impact With New Sensations”

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 21, 2020  3:00 PM ET

New York, N.Y., Dec 21st,2020, 3:00 PM (iCrowdNewswire) —  How? Who(m)? Where? When? What? Why? … Her all over headlines news on general media press releases worldwide is creating a mission vision message: “Let us all make more beautiful and wiser than never before the weeping solitary cities’ streets for the public safeties in all aspects in general.” Lady Cleopatra, an applicant of the office NYC (USA) mentioned: “By developing a new refreshed merged brotherhood and sisterhoods non-prejudiced patriotic states and associated amicably with “The Five Boroughs” (New York City -Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island) to nurture us a righteous government where we can have freedom of speech and have the responsibility towards our citizens, permanent residents, tourists, and immigrants whom comprise an integral part of our communities. We are on it to win this major economic gain with a fair game of well-formed budget planning.

Cleopatra announced her application which emphasized the phrase: “Back to Life To Real Solutions” with her “Renova” (Renew) campaign motivates every living soul to raise their spirits to reason the quest to life-saving and another chance to born again with a brand new life. She suggests: “To look ahead for a breakthrough during this turmoil by being somehow not programmed but with a more aware of natural instinct, right conscious and good judgment mental capacities to adequately encourage reliable ordinances.” 

Says Madam Fitz, orders that would guarantee public’s progress in every field -above all, that be these abilities to perform better not worsened to incapacitate by being negligent, a reckless endangerment or using the power of the office by wrongly advising or aberrant from the ethics codes, policies, regulations coached by an inefficient faculty or others. Ms.Cleo tells it how it is for she responds with frankness, What more can we ask from an applicant for the office because she is the only one who can vividly voice your concerns as if you yourself have taken office. “How come I am the only one that as a beacon of light can guide you? For the causes are yours to set apart malicious intents from indifferent careless people taking over our precious boroughs.” Issues of General Purpose: Business, Disabled & Elderly Rights, Human & Animal Rights, Infrastructure, Food Security, Noise etc.pollutions, Investment, Cost of Living, Affordable Housing, Jobs, Energy & Environment, Data & Technology, Cyberspace Crimes, Social Equity, Criminal Justice Reform, Mass Transit Issues, Quality of Life, Tourism, Bank Loans, et al. “It is not in vain, I understand, I have been there!”

For more information: https://cleopatrafitzgeraldforthefiveboroughs.us/


Cleopatra Fitzgerald
Cleopatra Fitzgerald For The Five Boroughs
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