Clark Law Firm Files Defamation Suit Against Private Air Charter, Fly Victor, Its CEO, Clive Jackson And Law Firm Clyde & Co US LLP For $3,000,000

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.,– Don’t Look Media, LLC (“DLM”) and Louis Spagnuolo sue Fly Victor, Clive Jackson, its CEO and their lawyers in Broward County, Florida circuit court for publicly and falsely accusing it of criminal behavior, and thereby destroying its business’ reputation. 

The falsehoods came amidst ongoing federal court proceedings by DLM against Fly Victor, Jackson and others over a past deal gone bad over allegedly violating Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, Case No. 19-61555-KMW (“RICO Action”).

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” says the new suit. Jackson allegedly took “desperate extrajudicial measures to silence the truth,” mounting a public “campaign against DLM, consisting of false, misleading and/or defamatory statements” made to the press, the lawsuit states.  The suit alleges, Jackson also “made … statements to the public about DLM that were false … and defamatory under the guise of his counsel, Clyde & Co US,” who allegedly knew Jackson planned to retaliate against DLM and Spagnuolo for prosecuting the RICO Action.

In the new lawsuit, Nelson Rocha Jr., the individual who brokered the deal-gone-bad for DLM also comes into focus. According to the suit, although Rocha worked for DLM, Rocha secretly flipped alliances in turncoat fashion, conspiring with Fly Victor to pressure DLM to relinquish its assets for pennies on the dollar. Later, Rocha’s true colors surfaced, when DLM began investigating Fly Victor’s malfeasance.  Rocha was contacted by DLM for his knowledge about Fly Victor’s scheme.  The suit alleges, “Rocha demanded … $10,000 … for him to write a statement to DLM,” documenting his knowledge, which DLM promptly rebuffed.  In retaliation, Rocha allegedly divulged DLM’s request and ongoing investigation to Fly Victor. 

The falsehoods continue disparaging Spagnuolo and DLM in the community, causing Spagnuolo and DLM substantial damages, exceeding $3,000,000.00.  “Spagnuolo and DLM, who have suffered tremendous humiliation and disrepute, look forward to their day in court,” says Attorney Clark.

(News provided by: Law Offices of Joshua D. Clark, P.A., counsel for Louis Spagnuolo and Don’t Look Media, LLC, [email protected], 954-790-5181)

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