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Can you ride a quadbike on UK roads?

Quadbikes can be incredibly useful. They can quickly cover off road terrain, while also making for plenty of fun at the same time. But there are occasions where you might need to travel via road on a quadbike. Below we explore the rules and regulations surrounding this – as well as looking at safety tips.


The government consider a quadbike to be a B1 vehicle. For a start then, you’ll need to be sure your vehicle is roadworthy. Many quadbikes don’t meet road safety standards so can’t be legally driven on UK roads. If you’ve checked with the manufacturer and it is roadworthy, you’ll also need a full car licence or full category B1 motorcycle licence.

How old do you need to be?

To hold a full driving licence in the UK you need to be at least 17 years old. Anyone younger than 17 won’t be able to ride a quadbike on UK roads.

What are some safety tips?

Even if you are able to ride your quadbike on UK roads, you’ll need to be stricter about safety. Riding on roads requires much more caution than when you’re riding around fields with no other vehicles.

Wear PPE

Personal protective equipment is crucial. Quadbikes aren’t fitted with many external safety features, so what you wear will be your main line of defence. Gloves can help avoid blisters, but helmets are the most essential piece of equipment. Ideally, you want one that has a chinstrap and suitable eye protection.

You must get insurance

To drive a quadbike on the road you need third party insurance. And getting quadbike insurance can give you peace of mind, knowing that if you have an accident, repairs will most likely be covered.

Wear the correct clothing

The correct clothing can help minimise the damage if you fall off the quadbike too. Aim to cover your arms and legs with strong and sturdy gear. You’ll also want study shoes or boots that cover your ankles while providing the grip for you to effectively use the pedals.


It’s good practice to avoid parking on a slope, but if you have to, park across the slope rather than facing downwards. Many quadbike accidents occur when the vehicle slips down a slope – the vehicle isn’t designed to do this, but poor break maintenance can make it a risk.

Quadbikes are handy vehicles to have around – especially in rural areas. But to get the most out of yours you’ll want to be riding on the road too. You should be all set to enjoy the roads if you keep safe, have insurance and a full driver’s licence.

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