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Burlap Bundles The Premier way to Shop, Decorate and Design, Online with Home Decor, Direct to your front door

Aug 5, 2020 7:18 AM ET

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The Regions #1 Online Home Décor Boutique and Home Décor Subscription Box

Temecula, Ca August 4, 2020, Burlap Bundles, Inc.  With over a Decade long career in Interior Design and Home Renovations, this company has rapidly merged  the market of Interior Design and Decorating  with online shopping; to create the Ultimate experience for anyone wanting to decorate their home, no matter your budget.

Burlap Bundles is the one stop experience for Homeowners and renters who wish to decorate their home like the Professionals, without the expense of Decorator fees.  Carrie Michaels, Owner of Burlap Bundles, Inc.  puts it best “We have formed hundreds of relationships with Wholesale vendors, Small shop makers and Artisans from around the world over the last 10 years in the Design industry, so it has truly been my passion to bring all of what we have built and not only help others to learn to decorate their homes, but offer a variety of ways to shop and decorate with us, for any budget and Decorating needs.”

Burlap Bundles has coined the market of online home decor shopping. They offer a full-service online boutique for individuals looking to purchase decor with a high-end appeal on an affordable price point.  “It’s like Restoration Hardware quality meets Target pricing, without ever leaving your house to need to shop…and there’s clearly no better time in Pandemic History then now to be able to focus on our homes, spruce them up and not have to run out to a store to do so” Michaels stated.

In addition to their online Store, Burlap Bundles offers a Quarterly Subscription Box for customers full of high-end decor that ranges from Neutral Staple Decor items to Seasonal Decor items and its fully customizable. Every customer completes a full-page form at checkout with questions ranging from the style of their home, their wants and needs for décor and checklists of items the customer would like to receive. Burlap Bundles Home Décor box is a Customizable solution to Home Décor Subscriptions, sent 4 times per year, with 7-10 high end decor items each season.

“I believe Decorating should be for everyone! We want to assist our Customers not just on the buying end, but in the how-tos and why’s of Home Decor and Design.” Michaels said.  In addition to their online website and their affiliated Instagram Page they have an additional online Social Media account via Instagram at where the companies Owner and Lead Designer, Carrie Michaels, shares daily posts and content of the how-tos  of the Design World, DIY’s, Remodels, Before and After’s of Design Projects and the classic question most often asked of this young Mom of 7 “How to keep the kids and the white sofa.” Both of their social media accounts offer the complete design and decorating experience as customers are able to purchase direct from their Burlap Bundles Instagram, see up close photos, content and sizing of products and bundles available to purchase and then able to click over to their Design Instagram platform and learn how to put it all together like the Pro’s, from the Pro’s. The bonus is the cheeky and witty commentary from Carrie, herself, as she teaches fellow moms how to have the “Show ready home…amongst the Cheeto stained hands and Lego piles.”

This Small-Town Designer, Wife and Mom of 7, is the one stop shop for Home Decorating.

About Burlap Bundles: “What makes Burlap Bundles unique? We are the option to have the complete Home Decorating experience. Combining Textures, Colors, and themes that Eb and Flow with one another, month after month, completely curated and Styled by our Team of Interior Decorators and Designer. Burlap Bundles is designed with the busy family in mind who desires to have a Home that appears out of a catalog but may lack the time and vision to do so. Interior Decorating and Design have been a part of our career for decades. The life of an interior Decorator and Designer is the job that sends you leaping out of bed each morning excited for the new day to complete the transformations ahead. That is the same excitement we aim for in our Burlap Bundles, for our Customers. The excitement to receive their Bundled Home Decor orders and the Joy in seeing our Customers decorating their hard-earned Home, all while keeping costs simply about the Product itself so customers can spend their budget on the Decor and not on Designer Fee’s. Once customers have begun to shop the Burlap Bundles way, the inner designer begins to emerge in them and there is nothing more rewarding for me then to see it take place. Everyone deserves to have a home they love, a home that represents what matters and inspires them. I am so blessed to help them pull it all together. “- Carrie Michaels, Owner/Lead Designer of Burlap Bundles, Inc.

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