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May 18, 2020 5:00 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – May 18, 2020

  • Breakthrough by epigenetic scientists will make testing labs more efficient for large scale and regular testing of essential and non-essential workers and at borders
  • British-developed and manufactured Saliva test determined to be the most accessible way for carrying out regular testing of individuals

Chronomics, creators of the world’s most advanced epigenetics test, today announced that it has developed a unique saliva-based COVID-19 testing method which will help to significantly increase the number of people tested for the virus.

Available from today, the saliva-based test, to be manufactured in the UK, can be easily administered by individuals and with regularity, unlike other testing methods currently on the market.  Chronomics has also developed a new reagent process for the testing to facilitate the bulk testing of essential and non-essential workers, as well as for overseas travellers.

Chronomics’ viral RNA detection test is a more practical solution to the more commonly used nasal or throat/mouth swabs.  Saliva-based spit tests can be easily self-administered and with regularity.  Lab tests show 100% specificity and with sensitivity tested to less than 1 copy/µl.

There is a particular demand for using this test to help key workers remain in safe working environments and as part of Return to Work strategies. The company is already in discussions with a number of healthcare providers, care homes, major corporations and Governments around the world to administer this test in preparation of returning to work from lockdown.

Chronomics is pioneering high-volume saliva-based testing, and has experience in working in and with labs to produce testing for national and global programmes.  It has developed this test for bulk testing and helping businesses and Government bodies test to ensure safe working environments for their staff.  It also can be used in the transport industry and at borders.

Dr Tom Stubbs, CEO of Chronomics, commented, “Many of the sample processing considerations with scaled up COVID-19 testing are  similar to those that we have worked through with our epigenetic testing solutions. COVID-19 is creating a huge amount of disruption that can only be overcome with robust and regular testing.  We have designed a test that is scalable within the UK and globally. Our test is repeatable, non-invasive and supports self-testing allowing individuals to be tested with greater frequency and ease. Testing will deliver individuals and employees a greater sense of comfort and security upon our return to work and a more normal lifestyle.”

Chronomics is a science-led epigenetics company founded and run by scientists from the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and UCL.


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About Chronomics

Chronomics offers the world’s first consumer epigenetic testing kit. A simple test starts the process off and enables people to track how environmental and lifestyle factors affect their health at DNA level. By distilling the complex science of genetic research into actionable points, Chronomics gives people control of their health. Users have access to an online dashboard and personalised health apps, through which they can optimise a personalised life plan to maintain and improve their health.

Chronomics profiles three key indicators in a person’s epigenetics to share detailed insights into their health. The test reveals the effects of smoke exposure and air pollution on the body. Our researchers can give the most accurate indication of an individual’s biological age available today.  The Chronomics body composition examination goes further than a conventional BMI test to help people truly understand what is going on inside their body.

Using the test results in conjunction with personalised apps, individuals are equipped with essential information about the enduring effects of environmental and lifestyle factors on their bodies. The test gives users more control over their health and well-being, helping them to take-action and enact positive change before the onset of longer-term health issues.

An annual Chronomics test and life plan costs £699. It is available online at

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