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Briotech announces new World HOCl Initiative for Sustainable Health (WHISH) to manufacture Briotech’s small molecule, HOCl

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 19, 2020  9:00 PM ET

Woodinville, WA | USA | November 19, 2020 at 11 AM PDT
By Briotech, Inc.

Coronavirus Breaking News: Briotech, Inc. announces global network to produce Briotech’s small molecule Hypochlorous acid, List N Approved in the US for use on the Novel Coronavirus

WOODINVILLE, Washington, November 19, 2020 /Press Release/ — Briotech, Inc. announced the global launch into large pharmaceutical and government customers of its patent pending BrioWHISH™(World HOCl Initiative in Sustainable Health) systems to manufacture its small molecule biocide, HOCl.

The BrioWHISH is a deployable, cloud enabled system making stable, authentic hypochlorous acid through precise process controls, feedback loops and Brio algorithms. BrioWHISH units are serving significant populations now and are soon to be operational in dozens of countries.

Briotech HOCl is composed of salt, water and Hypochlorous (HOCl) and, unlike bleach, quaternary ammonias, alcohol, and pH neutral HOCl, Briotech HOCl does not require PPE (personal protective equipment), is neither a skin nor lung irritant, and is non-flammable. Briotech HOCl is food contact safe, and requires no rinsing or wiping. The BrioWHISH systems produce the only authenticated pure HOCl tobe manufactured at scale that is free of contaminants or buffers that reduce efficacy, safety, and stability.

“Briotech HOCl is now US EPA List N Approved for use against the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus, approved to EU standards for disinfection of surfaces and hands in Romania, and for disinfectant use in Peru, Indonesia, UAE and others. In nature, HOCl is made by our white blood cells, and its efficacy as a killing and healing agent, when synthesized in a pure state, has been known for over 100 years. Until Briotech, making pure HOCl in volumes large enough to make a difference in the world was not possible.

Through Briotech’s scalable BrioWHISH program and partners around the world the company is able to produce in excess of millions of gallons per day on a global basis to fulfill its mission of delivering authentically pure Briotech HOCl to those who need it most” said Rick Lockett, CEO of Briotech, Inc.

Briotech’s small molecule HOCl is available at www.briotechusa.shop, and on Amazon.com.

For more information about Briotech and on the BrioWHISH systems, please go to www.brioglobal.com or email [email protected] Through our foundation BrioEarth, Briotech changes lives with donations to communities and people in need.
No statements contained in this press release are meant to imply that Briotech HOCl is a treatment for COVID-19 or that its use would directly prevent the contracting of the disease. The study described was in-vitro only and did not involve live subjects.

SOURCE: Briotech, Inc.

Contact Information:

Rick Lockett, CEO
[email protected]


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