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Bringing Life To Masculine Vintage Fashion: Men Rock 1950s Style

Whether you are partial to the throwback style of the 50s or just want to put together a 1950s outfit for a party, online mens vintage clothing stores that specialize in the 1950s wear offer you a huge range of choice to pick from. And, once you’ve found what you’re looking for, it’s time to rock that 50s style look – whether it’s casual or formal.

That Tailored Look

Men were typically put together, and formal for their day wear in the 1950s, sporting suits, hats, ties, and polished shoes for work. By the 1950s, though, suits were cut looser and more comfortable than the fitted looks of the Forties, with shapes that worked for anybody type.

When not buttoned up in a tailored suit, men would swap in sweaters or vests in heritage fabrics and patterns like argyle and cable, always elevating their look with a coordinated tie.

Colour play brought personality to these knits, with the iconic combination of pink and black argyle vests, or black and white snowflake patterns on sweaters. Cardigans paired with pleated gabardine pants were another way to look pulled together yet casual for daytime wear.

James Dean Cool

Mens vintage clothing in the 1950s was not all buttoned up and straight laced. James Dean rocked the casual preppy style with an Ivy League jacket casually draped over drainpipe jeans in a dark wash, sending young ladies into swoons.

This look was all the rage for young guys taking their girls to the local drive-in movie theater, or the milk shake and burger watering hole. Letter sweaters in the cardigan style were also the essence of cool for young men in the 1950s, whether they were in college or not.

Casual Wear of the Fifties Way

Check out 1950s casual vintage clothing online to see how the fashion during this decade exploded with colour, texture, and fabrications as the fashion industry celebrated freedom from the restrictions of World War II.

Synthetic fibres were all the rage as style became accessible to everyone, and wash-and-wear clothes became the go-to trend. Whether you identify with the greaser look or the preppy style, mens vintage clothing from the 50s offers a broad range of casual wear trends to choose from.

Sport Coats for After Hours

While business suits were still the daywear uniform, men in the 1950s swapped the look-out for sports jackets in the evening and on weekends, so browse through retro fashion stores online or in real life, and source yourself an authentic sports coat for the 50s.

The sports coat or jacket offers a variety and vehicle for personal expression not seen in a suit jacket. In an array of colours and prints, don’t settle for a solid colour. Choose instead a plaid or check pattern to brighten up your casual trousers and pair with a simple neutral shirt or polo to finish your laidback look.