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Boost Attendance In Your Yoga Classes: Joshua Palmier Shares Top Yoga Studio Marketing Email Tips

Joshua Palmier’s Top Five Email Tips To Get More Students Through Your Studio Doors 

If you’re new to using email to market your yoga studio, it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully, email developer Joshua Palmier is sharing his top tips that can help you get more of your yogis opening your emails each time you appear in their inbox. Email is a great way to build community, and when your students feel like they’re a part of your circle, they’ll want to show up to class more regularly.

1. Joshua Palmier Recommends Collecting Email Addresses From The Start

Make getting an email address a part of the class signup process, says Joshua Palmier. It can be helpful to combine your newsletter with class signup confirmations, cancellation notifications, and other vital information that those who attend your studio need. Classgoers will be more likely to share their email address when they know they need the information that you’re going to provide.

Boost Attendance In Your Yoga Classes Joshua Palmier Shares Top Yoga Studio Marketing Email Tips

2. Make A Schedule And Stay Consistent

When you’re building an email list, it’s important that you stay consistent, according to Joshua Palmier. Decide on a schedule and make a point to give it a fair shot before switching it up. This may mean sending out a weekly newsletter, or a monthly updated class schedule. Scheduling your emails in advance — instead of trying to remember to send them out at the same time, on the same days — can help you stay consistent.

3. Add Value To Your Emails

You know how important it is that your students leave your studio with something valuable after each class, and you want that same effort to shine through in your emails. Linking to meditations, sharing healthy recipes, or providing updated class schedules can all encourage your students to open (and interact with) your emails.

4. Shout Out Students

Use your emails as an opportunity to celebrate students, recommends Joshua Palmier. Whether this means linking to a picture on Instagram that features students or celebrating someone’s 100th class, people are more likely to want to read emails that contain information about themselves or someone they know. Once students get wind that they may be featured in an upcoming email, they’ll want to click to see who was selected for a shout-out. Students may also go the extra mile to get to class when they know they might be featured in the next newsletter.

5. Data And Use Results To Inform Next Steps

According to Joshua Palmier, you need to know how your email campaigns are performing in order to decide whether it’s time to switch it up. Don’t be afraid to take a look at your results — most email campaigns take some tweaking before businesses get it right. Aim for improvement, not perfection.


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