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BookLawyer Launches Free Legal Information Site for People and Small Businesses

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New website helps people get answers to their legal questions—and find the right lawyer when necessary 

Dallas, TX — BookLawyer, a free legal information site for people and small businesses, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, BookLawyer.com. BookLawyer provides easy-to-understand explanations of thousands of legal topics, ranging from child custody to landlord-tenant to disputes with neighbors.

BookLawyer also allows people to post legal questions anonymously and receive answers from one or more lawyers. And when people are representing themselves in court—as at least one party does in almost 90% of family law matters pending in courts across the country—they can search BookLawyer’s databases of court opinions and statutes that apply in their state.

BookLawyer’s founder Neal Nagely spent 10  years practicing law in Dallas at both small and large law firms and met many people who could not afford to pay a lawyer for answers to their legal questions—or who were uncertain about how to find the right lawyer for their legal problem.

Today, 80-86% of civil (non-criminal) legal needs of middle-to-lower-income people are not met. Recent statistics show that 87% of American households with legal problems do not seek assistance. And every year more than 7 million small businesses do not seek a lawyer when facing a significant legal event.



Recognizing the unfairness and instability of a legal system in which the majority of middle-and-lower-income people cannot afford access to the law in civil matters—a problem that is now widely known as the access to justice crisis—Nagely spent the next 15 years creating the content on the BookLawyer site and working with top data scientists, computer engineers, and software developers to create BookLawyer.com.

Recent statistics show that 96% of people seeking legal advice start their search online.  Making an analogy to the widespread use of medical information sites, Nagely explained that “most people who use Healthline® or WebMD® for medical information do not expect to heal themselves or act as their own medical doctor.” “But people with certain symptoms or a recent diagnosis often want to be better informed about their health   for their own peace of mind—and want to be able to ask better questions when they do see their doctor.”

“Similarly, people want to be better informed about their legal situation before talking to a lawyer—and they may need help determining what kind of lawyer they should talk to,” Nagely added. “BookLawyer helps people find this information at any time, day or night. And best of all, it is free of charge.”

BookLawyer also improves the lives of lawyers—especially lawyers in small law firms who struggle to efficiently market their services to paying clients. Sobering statistics show that income for small law firms has been declining and on average they are paid for less than two hours of work per day.

Nagely explained that “with BookLawyer, a lawyer who has some experience and is seeking greater flexibility in her work schedule can open her own law firm or legal consulting practice and market it from the comfort of her home by publishing content on the BookLawyer site and answering questions posted by potential clients.”

Now that BookLawyer has officially launched, Nagely is focused on increasing awareness of the site so people across the country can benefit from its free legal information—and when necessary, can find the right lawyer to help.

“At BookLawyer, we’re passionate about making the law accessible to all in a meaningful way,” Nagely said. “Because whether you consider yourself rich or poor, or somewhere in between, some of life’s most important decisions are legal decisions.”


About BookLawyer:

BookLawyer, based in Dallas, Texas, is a free legal information site that helps people get answers to their legal questions—and find the right lawyer when necessary.

For more information please visit www.booklawyer.com





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