March Madness Betting Effects 2020

March Madness 2020 is almost here. You still have to wait a few weeks to fill out your brackets but keep reading to get ready for the NCAA Tournament. Now you know when you need to follow the games but are you familiar with the basic bets for March Madness.


Moneylines are among the most basic March Madness bets. They are straight wagers that you can make in the regular season and NCAA Tournament games. When you bet the Moneyline you are just choosing the team that you think will win. The favorites have minus odds.

Point spreads

These bets are similar to money lines except that the final score of the games and the margin of victory determine if you win your wager.


An Over/Under bet is strictly decided by how many combined points are scored by the teams. Totals in NCAA Basketball vary with every game. If the total is set at 150 points and the final score consists of 152 points, then «Over» bettors win and those who had the «Under» lose.


Parlays are single bets that link together at least two individual wagers. Parlays only win if none of the wagers is a loser.


Futures are popular bets for all sports, not just for March Madness. These wagers are available before and during the season and the odds change throughout based on the results that the teams have. Some people prefer to place futures bets right before March Madness starts but as mentioned above they are also available leading up to the NCAA Basketball season as well. This is a popular wager because you can get favorable odds.

Live Betting

You can wager at any point in any contest and see how the teams begin before deciding to make your move. When a team gets down a lot early, it usually receives much better odds than what they had before the game started. You can bet on those teams to make a potential comeback and if it happens it can provide a big payout. In addition, to live betting, money lines, point spreads and totals, the sportsbooks will also offer a large selection of alternate lines and player props.

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