If you own a company, then you know how important it is to make an employees schedule. There is an excellent employee Scheduling app called ‘shiftbase’. It is an online employee scheduling app, and along with that, it also features time tracking and HRM.

Create a schedule easily in less time

With the help of the Shiftbase, you can easily set upshifts. It will help you in a way that you can easily create a schedule template which is adjustable when needed.


An employee schedule is always there to suggest about the availability of employees. This will help the planner as he/she will not keep asking for the availability of each employee.


In the schedule, the lack of employees is displayed inreal time. The Shiftbase software is easy to use on the desktop PC, but you can also use the app on Android and iPhone. It is the perfect software for employee Scheduling. Another point of Shiftbase software, that it is very budget-friendly.

We hope this will help you to plan your employee’s schedule ideally. There are countless benefits of an employee schedule.

Open shifts

By the help of open shifts, you can invite a particular employee for particular changes. Employee schedule guide about the open shifts in a better way. The employee who is invited to join the shift receives an email and push notification. And the employee that wants to work on the shift

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