Bell Law Firm Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Complete Care at Home

Jun 25, 2020 8:00 AM ET

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Bell Law Firm Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Complete Care at Home

Gwinnett County Mother Receives Closure After Scalding Water Leads to Son’s Death

ATLANTA – June 25, 2020 –  Lloyd Bell of Bell Law Firm today confirms the settling of a wrongful death lawsuit against Complete Care at Home for a confidential sum. Mary Anne Downing, mother of the deceased Bradley Downing, secured Bell after an employee of Complete Care inflicted severe burns to Mr. Downing, leading to complications that ultimately caused his death.

Mr. Downing was a dependent adult, unable to bathe himself or to communicate normally. In 2018, Mr. Downing was burned with scalding water while bathed by a Complete Care attendant. By the time the attendant realized the error, Mr. Downing had suffered severe burns over much of his body. He was rushed to the hospital and treated in the burn unit. But less than six weeks later, complications from the burns caused Mr. Downing to pass away at the age of 41.

Mr. Downing lived a full life. He was well-loved not only by his family but also by his caretakers and friends in the Lawrenceville community. People were drawn to him because of his happy temperament and sense of humor, complete with a contagious laugh. He enjoyed opera, Broadway musicals and the Jerry Springer Show. Mr. Downing brought out the best in others, and for the friends and family members left behind, Mr. Downing’s death emphasized the beauty and fragility of life.

“While I never had the privilege of meeting Bradley, I know he made a significant impact on the world,” states Lloyd Bell. “No settlement amount can make this situation better or erase the pain felt by Ms. Downing in losing her son, but we hope this helps create closure for this chapter, and the freedom to move forward in celebration of Bradley and the richness of the life he lived.”

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