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Bankruptcy Website Speeds Up Debt Resolution by Connecting Consumers with Attorneys

Introducing– an innovative website that connects consumers with attorneys ready to help them get past their debt issues and work toward a fresh start. For attorneys, the service helps them scale their business with potential clients in need at a fixed price per lead model.

United States, July, 2021 — Bankruptcy attorneys looking to scale their practices with a fixed per lead model and less time spent on administering a marketing program have a new channel to meet those clients. Consumers, stressed to their limits with years of financial crises and the vapors of a global pandemic finally fading away, are only a short contact form and a click away from finding the legal help they need. The network at connects potential clients in need of a bankruptcy evaluation to bankruptcy attorneys ready to consult with them.

The Post-Pandemic Wave of Bankruptcy Filings Is Likely Fast Approaching. Will Attorneys Have Time to Manage a Complex Marketing Program? Or Is Their Time Better Served Practicing Law?

Experts and prognosticators have long predicted a wave of bankruptcy filings, ever since much of the economy was shut down in 2020 due to the global pandemic. Those predictions have yet to bear fruit, but with the economy reopening, and much of the aid programs and moratoriums inching closer to their expiration dates, everyday people who have suffered financially during the pandemic but postponed the drastic measure of bankruptcy will likely be faced with taking the final step. The decision to file bankruptcy is a big one, and the resources at can help with that decision.

For attorneys, even now, most would rather focus on practicing law than on juggling outside marketing vendors while trying to patch together enough data to see if those programs are bearing fruit. Most attorneys are solicited by a marketing company on a weekly basis, if not more often. With so much noise, and seemingly a new social network or marketing channel debuting every month, it can be hard — if not impossible — to keep up on the latest marketing tactics while still finding time to actually be a lawyer. When the incoming wave of bankruptcy filings hits, would attorneys be better situated if they were focusing on law, or if they were spending many hours every week learning the latest, hottest marketing channel — channels that more often than not, are more sound and fury than substance?

Meet is a website that serves prospective filers by providing free information about chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy while also connecting them with attorneys who are dedicated to helping their clients.

For attorneys, provides connections from the contact form and phone number to attorneys at a fixed price per lead model, allowing attorneys to focus on what matters most: growing their practice and helping their clients.

For the consumer, the decision to file is a big one and there will be many questions about which assets are protected, which must be surrendered, and how one can rebuild a financial life after such a dramatic step. The resources at dispel many myths about the filing process and provide a roadmap to life after filing.

Once has matched the consumer to an experienced bankruptcy attorney, the attorney can provide a free consultation and help the consumer decide on whether bankruptcy is the correct course of action or find potential alternatives to bankruptcy. They can also discuss assets, exemptions, the process of filing, as well as any potential debt examinations or court proceedings that the consumer should expect to face.

Finding a lawyer can be difficult. Consumers looking online often do not know whom to trust, and for reasons of pride or embarrassment, they may not want to ask coworkers or friends for recommendations on a bankruptcy attorney. Rather than sift through online reviews and countless marketing websites, consumers who take advantage of the free guides and resources on the are only a few seconds away from connecting with an attorney who can help, as soon as they are ready to make that step.

A Win-Win for Clients and Attorneys

The network was designed to be a win-win for consumers and attorneys alike: consumers can walk away with the confidence of knowing that they have been matched to an experienced attorney that can get them through this stressful financial time, and the attorney can focus more on practicing law and less on marketing tactics and return on ad spend.

Consumers and members of the legal community can get the “best of both worlds” at The website provides a plethora of free informative tools for customers, including an enormous library of Frequently Asked Questions, articles, blogs, and other materials that serve as a general overview on the bankruptcy process and how to rebuild one’s financial life after filing. Furthermore, already-stressed consumers simply have to fill out a short contact form in order to be matched with qualified legal counsel. The matching tool gives attorneys another way to meet new potential clients, allowing them to expand their legal practice and empower more people with a fresh start in their financial lives.

To learn more, visit today.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any government entity or agency. It is an informational resource to the general public.

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