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Avoid Workplace Injury In The Healthcare Sector With These Tips

If you run a business in the healthcare sector, employee injury is always a concern, which is one of many HR needs that every organisation has. Every employer has a responsibility to create and maintain a safe working environment. Here are a few ways that you can do just that.
  • High Quality PPE – Your staff should have access to high quality PPE at all times, as this offers a high level of protection against bacteria and viruses. Facemasks, gloves, antiseptic wipes and hats are all important items for employees to wear. Sourcing a wholesaler will ensure that you never run out of PPE. This is especially pertinent to COVID, which is still causing chaos to the economy.
  • Make Staff Aware Of Common Workplace Injuries – If your staff are aware of the common workplace injuries that they might encounter, this reduces the risk of an accident or injury. There are leading UK health & safety consultants that can prepare short training courses to educate your workforce, plus they can deliver the content on-site at a convenient time. For those outside the UK, you can locate consultants near you through a quick Google search.
  • Set Safety Policies – There should be certain safety policies in place for things like medical waste (used syringes and wound dressing), which minimises the risk of infection. Lifting heavy objects can easily cause a back injury and your HR agency partner can carry out manual handling training to educate your staff about correct lifting techniques. Setting safety policies is a job for an experienced HR agency and with regular updates, all of your employees will fully understand the safety guidelines.
  • Carry Out Risk Assessment – This is something for the HR agency to do, which will highlight the major risks so that you can take precautions. This should be carried out periodically, with strategies formed that are based on the findings.
  • Mobility Issues – If your staff has to take patients around the facility in wheelchairs, there should be ramps to make things easier. You could call a short meeting with all staff and ask them to brainstorm, looking for potential areas that can be improved. The health and well-being of your employees is a critical aspect of the business. By outsourcing all your HR needs to a leading HR agency, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.
  • Safety Signage – People need to be reminded of best safety practices and while every sector is different, you need to take an in-depth look at your place of work and decide what signage is needed and where.
  • Staff Training – You could enlist the help of a leading HR agency to assess staff and put together a suitable safety training program and a schedule created for ongoing training sessions.
As you probably know, there are strict health and safety measures in place here in your country and being 100% compliant is a must. The best way to achieve that is enlist the services of a well-known HR agency that supports the healthcare sector.

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