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As Per Report of Finds Fact.MR, Asia Pacific has the Largest Share of Worldwide Grease Cartridges Market

According to the research report of Fact.MR the grease cartridges in the year 2026 will see the growth of 5% CAGR. The sales of Grease cartridge will continue to grow due to its increased demand in the automotive and mining industry. Grease cartridges market is evolving with is improving its quality a per the report of Fact.MR. The demand for grease cartridge has remained constant and as of 2017, its value was 140 billion US$. The focus has shifted from the fiberboard cartridges and high priced paper based cartridges to the plastic cartridges. The features such as durability, hardness and weather resistance has increased the demand of plastic cartridges because they are more suitable for shipping and logistics. The plastic cartridges have also increased due to their extensive use in E-commerce. The producers of grease cartridges are focused on the market that offers more sales in mining and automotive industry. The current share of the automotive industry is more than 50% of the total lubricant market due to the use of a large amount of lubes in vehicle production. The fame of grease cartridge is attributed due to its easy use in the intersection of vehicles and the antifriction ability of the lubricants. Customers are now more inclined to the products that can easily be used and packaging is an important part of that aspect. The market inclination towards good packing can increase the market size of grease cartridges. 140z grease cartridges are expected to hold the largest amount of market share based on the size of these cartridges. According to estimation pull off cape will hold the largest market share when it comes to closure type of grease cartridge. Considering the material plastic will dominate the overall market of grease cartridges. According to the report, the Asia Pacific will be the top market for grease cartridges. The increasing demand for grease cartridge in the automotive industry and mining industry is increasing the demand for grease cartridge in this region. The report includes some of the major players in the grease cartridge industry which includes Adhesive Materials Group, Andpak Inc., Berlin Packaging, Biederman Enterprises Ltd., Bev-Cap Pty Ltd., Eurokartuschen eK, Fischbach USA, GR Produkter AB, Long Thames Enterprise Co. Ltd., MBP Manufacture Bourguignponne de Plastique, Plastic Tooling Manufacturing Pty. Ltd., Schieferdecker GmbH & Co. KG, Sonoco products company, Tubi System AB and others. Read More: