Amar Syal Partners with Create Music Group – Ranked Number 1 Company in California

Create Music Group, a publishing company, and rights distribution is officially the fastest-growing company. Amar Syal was an early investor in the company back in 2015 along with his brother Aman Syal. Amar plays a silent role in his investment but guides the company in international music affairs in countries like India. Create Music Group will venture into markets abroad such as the Bollywood music industry, how to get an llc and eventually tap into this highly lucrative business of rights management in India. Create Music Group has a total of $28 million USD in profit which was reported in the fiscal year 2019, up from a $133,000 USD in 2016 – making it California’s fastest-growing company. “Online streaming is only expected to expand, and India will be at the forefront with its millennial mass,” stated Amar Syal. We plan to capture the up-and-coming youth market and develop it into a robust, sustainable business and allow for entertainers to collect their payments at ease. Create Music Group has already helped monetize over $100 million USD in content across the last 5 years, and it expects to expand greatly as it takes on new markets. With more than 150 employees, the company will look to localize in global markets and build the international side of the company. CMG has more than 10,000 clients, with at least 500 of these clients earning over $3,000 USD in income per month. www.instagra.com/amarsyal

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