All You Should Know About Crypto Dividends for Residual Income in Masternodes

Just as a mining node, any person can function as a master node as long as it has a certain number of cryptocurrencies, depending on which system we talk about. For example, Dash requires that you own 1000 Dash Coins to function as a master node and if you spend that amount you simply can no longer be a master node. An important point is that this new paradigm works with a system of rewards as well proof of stake in masternodes, that is, if you are a master node, part of the profits of each block reward will be allocated and depending on the currency you earn a certain interest every certain time safely. Mining or Proof of work is a system of rewards in the Blockchain based on the premise of contributing «work» to the network to avoid the double waste of a currency or inconsistencies in the network, for example, in Bitcoin every time someone sends a this transaction must be verified with a hash function and whoever is the first to verify it will be rewarded with block reward. In simple terms, whoever is the first to solve the mathematical problem with your machine will be rewarded by the Blockchain network program automatically. Mining PoS and PoW The protocol of the masternodos works in this way due to the type of mining or algorithm that is executed. The participation test is a consensus algorithm in which the masternodos send a special transaction that retains a quantity of funds for a certain period of time, which translates into a number of blocked cryptocurrencies to begin the process of creation and validation of the blocks. The probability of finding a block of transactions is proportional to the number of cryptocurrencies that the user has in their portfolio. In the proof of stake in masternodes of work system, the miners place the computing power and compete to complete transactions on the network through the resolution of mathematical problems, resulting in rewards with the issuance of new cryptocurrencies.

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