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Abid Godil Shares 6 Reasons To Hire a Travel Agent

Planning a dream getaway is often an alarming wake-up call.

While vacations are meant to be relaxing and rewarding, there is a lot to coordinate before reaching your destination. Arranging the perfect trip demands time and commitment. Researching deals, scheduling activities, and comparing prices don’t happen automatically. Fortunately, Abid Godil, the founder of Pro Vacation Group, is prepared to help.

As a seasoned travel agent, Abid wants to ensure his clients enjoy their experience from start to finish. Whether it’s booking flights, finding lodging, or choosing excursions, his Orlando-based company handles the details so you can kick back and relax. All the work is done before you even take off.

Having assisted with numerous vacation packages for individuals and families, Abid Godil lists six reasons to hire a travel agent before planning your next vacation.


Although a location may be new to you, it likely isn’t for a travel agent. With years of experience, these professionals have the knowledge and resources to help you navigate virtually any destination. Yet, they also stay current on the latest trends. Whether frequenting a tourist hub or exploring a secluded area, travel agents add value all over the map.


The result of this experience is exclusive access. Travel agents value part of the value of their skills to find unique services and tours that others may not even know about. Some companies and resorts only offer these amenities through an agent.


Travel agents can essentially help with anything. This results from having seen it all. Through experience and training, Abid Godil is aware and able to adapt quickly. Advisories, delays, and other events can derail any travel arrangements. An agent can relay this information, advise you on the situation, and get your vacation back on track.


Don’t stress. An agent works for you, so you don’t have to. It goes beyond suggestions and advice. They arrange all the details. The result is an individualized, curated travel plan. No guesswork. No “winging it.” The logistics are handled before your bag is even packed.


You’ll save more than time. While it may feel like white-glove service, you don’t have to break the bank. A common misconception is that travel agents make vacations more expensive overall when compared to doing it yourself. In reality, the opposite is true. Pro Vacation Group and other agents often have access to promotions and deals. They also know when to book based on seasonal fluctuations.


At the end of the day, your travel agent is a person. They aren’t a call center employee. They aren’t a faceless online presence. These professionals are your advocates and allies. In addition to meeting your personalized needs, they are available for questions or concerns throughout your trip. If a problem does occur, they will also represent you and respond to your needs.