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A Guide to the Property Valuation Tool Offered by Citibank

Whether you’re planning to purchase a property or refinance an existing one for further investment, ascertaining its value can be helpful in planning your finances. To make this step easy, Citibank offers a free online property valuation tool that can provide an estimated valuation of your property in Hong Kong with just a few clicks from the official Citibank website. To know more about how this property valuation tool can be helpful, check out the below section.

How Can the Property Valuation Tool Help You?

The Online Property Valuation tool from Citibank can help you get an estimate of the property’s value you intend to purchase or refinance. Below are some of the details of the property in Hong Kong that you need to furnish to calculate its estimated value:

  • Zone: Select the right zone where you want to purchase your property or choose to refinance it.
  • District: Choose the district the property belongs to in the dropdown.
  • Estate Name: Select the Estate Name from the wide list of options.
  • Block/Building: Choose the block/building number as per the list, if applicable.
  • Floor: Select the floor of the property you want to purchase or refinance.
  • Flat/Unit: Choose the flat/unit number as applicable.

Next, click on the “Get Property Valuation” button to get an approximate valuation and brief information of that property including:

  • Valuation in HKD
  • Gross floor area (sq.ft.)
  • Saleable area (sq ft)
  • Property age (year/s)
  • Valuation date
  • Reference Number

If the property valuation matches with your requirements, you can continue to proceed to next steps with Citibank All-in-One Mortgage Tools to understand more about the maximum loan amount that could be offered and extra cash rebate while applying for the mortgage online. Citibank offers a wide range of Hong Kong mortgage options, such as HIBOR Deposit-Linked Mortgage, Home Smart Mortgage, Prime Deposit-Linked Mortgage and more, that you can select according to your requirements. To know more about the diverse mortgage loan options and other mortgage-related information, you can visit the official Citibank website.

Final Thoughts

Citibank offers several mortgage tools that can help streamline the process of mortgage-related requirements in Hong Kong. The Online Property Valuation and the Mortgage Calculator are some of the mortgage tools that you can use to check the approximate value of your property and get an estimate of the monthly mortgage payments, respectively to facilitate you to complete your financial plan.

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