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A. Alberto Lugo on How Modern Architectural Principles Shape Our World

Androsky Lugo Talks Modern Architecture and How It Affects the Public

Unless a person is standing in a Frank Lloyd Wright home or touring a museum, it’s often easy to discount how much architecture can affect our daily lives. A. Alberto Lugo, the founder of Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF) in Southern California says that it’s worth taking some time to appreciate how quality design can make our lives a little easier and, ultimately, improve how we feel about being indoors.

Connecting Private and Public Spaces

Much of modern architecture is devoted to the idea of openness. However, Lugo says that buildings should be constructed with the goal of connecting both private and public spaces. Without that sense of cohesion, it can make different sections of the structure seem irrelevant or superfluous to some people.

Experienced architects will use lines, whether horizontal or vertical, to highlight prominent spaces and ensure that they serve the overall functionality of the building. This is why certain buildings are so easy to move through and enjoy, even if not everyone who uses the building would be able to define exactly what makes the structure so superior.


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The Drama of Simplicity

Alberto Lugo believes that ornamentation should be used with purpose and that if it adds drama, it should be done sparingly. While artistic statements can be meaningful, they can also quickly overwhelm a space. If an architect is going to use materials like glass, steel, or stone, there are so many ways to trim out the excess, so all that’s left is a straightforward design.

From there, architects can consider how artistic touches can be used to spice up the space. These seemingly small additions will often give those who use it something new to discover both when they’re in it and when they’re outside of it, which can have a lot to do with how they get things done. Lugo is used to working in commercial and public sectors, and he’s learned a lot about how a building can influence everything from individual productivity to team building to customer retention. It doesn’t always take much either way to make or break a design.


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The Importance of Honesty

The modern architecture emphasizes honesty in its form and composition. It’s why facades and other purely decorative features are discarded in favor of materials and designs that highlight the majesty of the surroundings. Buildings that are honest often inspire people when they’re in them, which can be a breath of fresh air for those who are used to feeling stifled when they’re at home or elsewhere.


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Alberto Lugo says that the major problem is that people get used to where they are. It’s human nature to accept things, at least to a certain extent, when there’s seemingly no other alternative. Modern architectural principles challenge this notion for all of us — not just those who work in the industry. As a prominent professional in his field, Lugo is constantly amazed at how a good design can cause small shifts in moods and patterns, enough to make a big difference in how beloved a building is.

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