6 Ways to Improve A Home’s Ventilation

Although you may love your home, it could get pretty hot inside. There are quite a few ways you can improve ventilation, and we talked about them below.

Fewer People

How many people are allowed into the house? The more people there are, the more air that would be used up. And they would produce carbon dioxide as well. This would circulate, lessening the ventilation even more.


Get some ceiling fans, they would help your house cool down. But more importantly, they would circulate air in rooms. There are many types of fans you could buy. The best would be those that have powerful DC motors which make the blades move fast. DC motors tend to use up less electricity too, so you wouldn’t be hit with massive electricity bills either. An added incentive of having ceiling fans is that they might not be in every house in your neighborhood. Their addition would make your home more tempting if you’re going to sell it.

Open Windows

Opening your windows could help too. Of course, don’t keep them open all the time. When it’s very hot out, your windows would let heat in, making you feel even worse. Just like the windows, you’ll have to open the doors too. With multiple open spaces in the rooms in your house, a steady current would be created to let air in and out. This would make your house cooler as well.

New Windows

In line with the above point, you could also install some new windows. The ones you have are probably too small. Burlington windows look good and are big enough to improve ventilation. Just be careful with the company you’re working with. You could get less than great quality products, wasting the cash spent. According to Consumer report replacement windows by Canadian Choice are the best in Vancouver.

Air Conditioner

An air conditioner might be well worth your time. The units are great at improving ventilation in houses. They suck up air, removing heat and releasing cold air into the environment. When the air is sucked in, the machines filter any pathogens that may be present. If you have a pollen allergy, you now know what would help. Of course, some ACs are more powerful than others. A large room won’t be able to cool down with a small air conditioner. You’d need a large one to make it more comfortable. You will also have to consider your budget when shopping for one.


Although plants don’t exactly help with ventilation, they would improve air quality. They’d suck up carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Their presence would make the house more livelier too. There are many ways you can improve the ventilation of a space. From the list, the best would be to place ceiling fans. As they rotate, they would create a current that would make fresh air flow in. What would also help would be having windows and doors open in your house.

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