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5 careers for tech enthusiasts

Technological devices are the building blocks upon which much of modern life exists, with gadgets, appliances and devices helping us to work, stay healthy and entertain ourselves.

All of that means that the need for tech skills in just about any sector is constantly on the rise, leading to big career opportunities for those who have the skills to handle these processes.

If you’re already technically minded, you might find it possible to jump into a new career, with transferrable skills something that many employers seek above all else.


Web Development

You may already be familiar with the fundamentals of coding if you’re a hobbyist programmer. Whether you like to create small projects with an Arduino or you’ve turned a Raspberry Pi into a home-entertainment console, you could well transition into a career in web development sooner than you’d think.

Coding language is what makes websites come to life and the rise of ecommerce means that no business worth its salt isn’t thinking about moving online in 2022.


Software Development

Similar to web design, software is often at the beating heart of modern business. Be it content management systems, procurement platforms or HR portals.

Building software requires an agile mindset, as well as the ability to spot problems before they occur and potentially think of better ways of working that your clients might not consider.


Mobile App Designer

Take a look at your mobile phone. Social media, messaging, banking, shopping, gaming, news, music, video, travel information – just about everything we need lives on a mobile app nowadays.

As smartphones become more and more sophisticated, so do the apps that live on them. If you can come up with the next time-saving program or time-wasting game craze, it could result in a long career in design.


IT security specialist

With the rise of technology in our lives, the threat of it being used maliciously is also on the up. In fact, businesses in the UK lost an estimated £2.5 billion to online fraudsters in 2021 alone – a figure that is rising sharply.

Big businesses are routine targets of hackers and require watertight defences as more and more data moves into online spaces. These businesses will often pay big to keep that data secure if you have the necessary skills.


Video game developer

You might be interested in designing the next console epic or have a simple idea set to take the internet by storm. Red Dead Redemption or Wordle, they’re all underpinned by similar creative skills.

If you have a passion for gaming, the creative spark and enough tech skills, it could be a career that goes from self-starting to playing in the big leagues in no time.