4 Essential Tips to Make Your PPC Advertising Effective

Each business needs a different approach when it comes to PPC or pay-per-click ads. Some businesses request high-quality search ads, while some would let the PPC services decide what is best for their business. Getting your paid ads right is probably more important than SEO or search engine optimisation. This is because you can spend thousands of dollars on your advertisements without reaching any possible lead and no accomplishments. There’s a very fine line between spending low on your ads while getting higher quality scores when trying to optimise your bid proposition and finding the right audience. Paid ads offer a lot of benefits to businesses, especially to startups and small businesses. If you want to reap the benefits, below are some tips to launch a profitable and effective PPC campaign.
  1. Use the Ad Extensions

Search ads are limited to a single message only. Fortunately, ad extensions will allow you to use additional information to your ads with various CTAs or call-to-action and optimise it for various intents. You can use different extensions, such as:
  • Callout Extensions: Statement from your brand.
  • Review Extensions: Reviews from your landing page, providing social proof.
  • Sitelink Extensions: Extra links with CTAs.
  • Structured Snippet: Talks about the features of your products or services.
Ad extensions are the best way to try new CTAs and to offer users more options to interact with your advertisements while converting them into leads. Adding a site link extension will help you increase the conversion and click-through rate or CTR.
  1. Enable Conversion Tracking

The Google Ads will give you information on click data and keywords, so you must enable your ad’s conversion tracker to monitor how effective your campaign is. A conversion tracker is a code inserted into your HTML, tracking certain actions on particular web pages. Having a conversion tracker on checkout or thank you page will let you know which ads catch more audience and get the most conversions. You can use this to track form fill-outs or subscription, tap-to-call actions, shopping cart checkouts, and shares. Moreover, you can use the conversion tracker to monitor the calls made from ads, click on from your website, or from the landing page. Tracking conversion will also allow you to gauge various displays and ad groups’ effectiveness and to report your ROI to relevant stakeholders.
  1. Use Location Tracking to Your Advantage

Geotargeting advertisements are really helpful for a lot of reasons. Its purpose is to target local leads near your physical store, and it minimises the competition. This will let you micro-target leads in a particular radius, providing a greater chance for your ads to be clicked. You can have your business on specific “near me” pop up and in the local search’s top result through location extensions.
  1. Use Remarketing

Any agency that offers PPC services is familiar with the benefits of remarketing. This strategy can boost the sales from abandoned shopping carts and help your customers remember your brand in their future shopping. There are different types of remarketing strategies, such as email marketing, remarketing lists for search ads or RLSA, dynamic remarketing, and standard remarketing. Regardless of the strategy, your PPC services choose, remarketing campaigns normally offer high returns if you target relevant customers with great shopping intent. PPC ads are riskier than traditional SEO. However, with the help of a reliable agency and using these tips, you can maximise your ads expenses, reach more audience and convert more sales.

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