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360Quadrants for Automotive Artificial Intelligence and the Leading companies Intel, Alphabet, Microsoft, and NVIDIA

360Quadrants are the only comparison platform in the world that take both the expert analysis and crowdsource perspective and have released a quadrant based on the Automotive Artificial Intelligence industry. This quadrant will help in the growth of the company as well as taking a quick and reliable decision. Alphabet, NVIDIA and Intel are part of the first release of this quadrant because they serve as the visionary leaders in the industry. 360Quadrants has generated an analysis of the companies through the business strategy and product portfolios of these companies. The Quadrant will be regularly updated after every three months. The position of different these retailers around the world will show the status of Industry experts, buyers and other retailers of the world. More than 30 companies offering AI services to Automotive industry were examined and only 25 companies were shortlisted as the visionary companies. These 25 companies were categorized in the quadrant as the Visionary Leaders, Evolving leaders, innovators, and Dynamic Differentiators. The companies identified as visionary leaders includes Alphabet, Nvidia, Intel, IBM, Nuance Communications, Baidu, and Microsoft. These companies were named visionary leaders due to their well-established product range and strong presence in the market. BrainChip, Argo AI, Nauto, nuTonomy NeuroControls, and Almotive are the companies that are identified as innovators because they had a good product portfolio with average business strategy. FiveAI, BRAIQ, Zoox, Graphcore, Nuro, and Drive.AI have been named the emerging companies because they are offering good products but their business strategy is limited. Qualcomm, Arm Holdings, General Vision, Advanced Micro Devices and Xilinx have been labeled as dynamic differentiators. The 360Quadriant is offering the most detailed Automotive Artificial Intelligence Comparison between the retailers. The methodology involved in ranking these Automotive Artificial Intelligence companies utilizes is the result of secondary research. The yearly reports, press releases, white papers, presentations of different investors and many related databases were used as a reference during this research. The rating and worth of the shortlisted retailers were decided after the finalized after the research. After the careful evaluation, each of the company was placed in the related quadrat based on the rating. 360Quardrant compares different emerging technologies of companies against each other. The comparison is based on six prospective of maturities which includes business outcome maturity, use-case maturity, investment maturity, product maturity, company maturity, and technology maturity. The companies are also reviewed by 4 stakeholders which include buyers of the technology, the experts of MarketsandMarkets, other companies and the experts from the industry. All these factors make the decision neutral. The aim of 360 is to make the decision of purchasing neutral, easy and quick. The buyers can customize their quadrant according to their needs. The insight from viable sources such as analysts, vendors, buyers, and industry experts helps the buyers in getting a good decision. Vendors have the chance to get new desired customers, Decide the parameters of their comparison, put themselves in their ideal space and customize their quadrant according to the need. 360 provide you a platform to connect yourself to different companies throughout the world. The quadrants launched by 360Quardrants also includes Artificial Intelligence in Retail, Artificial Intelligence Platform, and Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing. Read More: