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360 NetWorth, Inc. Announces The launch of 360BnB

Summary: 360BnB is a Short-term rental property acquisition and management company. 360BnB, is excited to announce the launch of their strategy to existing clients take advantage of the skyrocketing popularity of AirBnB’s.

Austin, Texas: Short-term rental property acquisition and management company, 360BnB, is excited to announce their strategies to help investors take advantage of the skyrocketing popularity of Air BnB’s. Author, Professional Educator and Financial Adviser, David Disraeli, launched 360BnB to help investors take advantage of the exploding popularity of Air BnB’s.

360BnB’s strategy is to identify properties than can be used for either long term rentals or short-term rentals. The rental rates for short term rentals are at least double that of long-term rentals. The vast majority of STR’s are owned by individuals or “mom and pop” businesses. 360BnB plans to deploy a number of strategies to draw more guests and justify a higher rate than similar properties.

“One key strategy for 360BnB is to make each unit business friendly by including a dedicated workspace with a charging station for every conceivable device. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, more travelers are working from home  and are willing to extend their stay since they can both work and play via their vacation destination,” explains David Disraeli.

The initial criteria involves selecting properties with the potential to generate 6% per year in net cash flow after all expenses and 17% to 20% compounded over five years. The exit strategy will be either to refinance and return the investor’s capital or to roll up the properties and sell to an institutional buyer.

360Bnb is providing a service that includes entity formation, acquisition, management selection, monitoring, accounting, and tax preparation. Each entity will be “member managed” and 360BnB will not permit passive investors. Member managed means each investor has a say in all major decisions and access to the management portal, bank accounts, and Quickbooks files.

About David Disraeli:

David Disraeli, is a Personal CFO and founder of 360Networth, Inc. He is an author, professional educator, and financial adviser.   He has been in financial services for over 36 years and is the author and creator of a six-part system for dealing with aging parents or other senior family members. His book “What to Do With Your Aging Parents” is available for download or purchase at www.amazon.com