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3 Reasons Organizations Need Secure Email Services

No matter where you work, you will need to communicate with someone– regardless if that someone is within your network or an outside vendor. Using a secure email services provider will keep your email account and the content of your emails safe.

An email address has never been more critical than it is now. People use their work email to connect to various online accounts like bank account credentials and social media. A business email compromise would allow a cyber attacker to access confidential information for personal gain. A breach of this nature could lead to financial losses, leaked unique identifiers, and the loss of user privacy.

Most email servers are not secure

Most organizations use mainstream email service providers for simplicity and cost-efficiency. However, this is not the most secure option, as most email providers store messages on their servers in plain text. So, if your organization faces a security breach, attackers can theoretically access all your company’s emails and attachments.

Cyber attackers have the ability and patience to gain access to emails by brute force attack, playing a password guessing game, stealing, or technically cracking your employees’ email passwords.

Secure email services providers offer protection

Secure email providers offer built-in tools that help eliminate some concerns inherent to email privacy. These services encrypt all emails on their servers so that outsiders cannot read them. In addition, secure email service providers do not track or log data nor use it for advertising purposes.

Encryption, specifically end-to-end encryption, means messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and can only decrypt once they reach the recipient’s device. So, a third party wouldn’t be able to read the contents of the sent emails while they are in transit. Secure email providers also have stricter two-factor authentication and password procedures to help reduce risk.

Secure email providers also handle metadata that is attached to your email. This information can include traits about your computer, web browser, network, and even the recipient.

Key Features to look for when considering a secure email services provider:

  1. Two-factor authentication
  2. End-to-end-encryption
  3. Metadata handling

Protect against phishing attacks

Email phishing is when a cybercriminal sends a fraudulent email that appears authentic but tricks the victim into taking a simple action like clicking a link, opening an attachment, or providing login information. By clicking, the criminals could take and use those stolen credentials to execute an organizational-wide attack. The attachment may also contain malware that can infect your company’s network.

With a layered approach to the security offered by secure email providers, organizations may be able to stop bad actors before they can deploy their attacks.

Bottom line

Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities in systems. Your organization’s weak security could mean you are a malicious attack target. Employing secure email services will ensure a better process is in place for your organization’s protection.