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3¢ Per Kilowatt Hour. FTC Generator Sets New Standard

In a massive, non-stop 250 hour test, Ventana Tek, a licensee of The Franklin-Thomas Company (FTC), achieved a goal that will help the World.  They produced electrical power at 3¢ per kilowatt hour on propane. The licensee used a 10 kilowatt, FTC-designed permanent magnet generator. When asked about publishing the results, the head of Ventana Tek, John Thomas stated in an email, “Yes, we can publish that.”

Ventana Tek is now building and selling these FTC-designed generators to African and South American countries. Propane, which was used, is considered clean energy by the United Nations. The fact that the electrical energy was created so inexpensively and with an easily available FTC-designed generator means people everywhere can have clean, reliable electrical power.

As the former mayor of Roatan, Honduras, Dorn Ebanks stated, “Joe’s FTC generator is a clear winner when it comes to efficiency, affordability and reliability. We can defeat poverty in developing nations by using this disruptive machine!”

The generator itself was the brain child of FTC president, Joe Shepard. The key is the generator is zero cogging and highly efficient. Shepard first had a professor and his class test the generator at Embry-Riddle University. Then Shepard had the generator tested independently by Advanced Energy (AE) in Raleigh, NC – a U.S. Dept. of Energy certified agency. AE claimed 92.3% efficiency. Shepard said that only after he had independent verification of the efficiency he moved to sales.


Shepard’s generator is a direct current (DC) generator, which means an inverter is required to convert the power to AC to match a country’s grid power.

Though lacking any financial support, Shepard worked for years to make the generator even better. He recently further increased the efficiency by switching to 0.018” laminations. Tests are now under way to utilize soft magnetic composites in the generators.

Recently, companies from all over the world have come forth offering to manufacture the generator under license. Ventana Tek was the first to sign up with FTC. Ventana Tek has received buy offers and major contracts. Ventana Tek will be building the generators 10 kW and under. Another group is setting up 36 manufacturing sites worldwide. Shepard and his company will still be building 5 kW to 100 kW generators.

Shepard added that he designed a hybrid system, which Ventana Tek perfected and is now offering as well. The hybrid system uses batteries to further reduce the cost. As the generator is turning, it runs the inverter producing grid-quality power. The generator’s excess power charges batteries. When the batteries are charged, the engine shuts off and the batteries run the inverter – saving fuel. When the batteries are depleted, the engine restarts and the whole process repeats. The user always has uninterrupted power.



Joe Shepard – President, Franklin-Thomas Company

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