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2020 Is Set to be the Year of the Car


From complete redesigns to brand new models, 2020 will soon be the year of the car. While flying cars or cars that can drive themselves have not been released yet, buyers can expect to be impressed with convenient automation and more hybrid and electric cars. Automakers hope consumers will be pleased with new models that bolster more amenities and control, as well as eco-friendly design.


Perhaps one of the technologies car companies seems to be most preoccupied with is improving is driver safety. Almost across the board, companies are now integrating smart tech with multi-view cameras that allow drivers to see possible obstacles before a collision.


The Honda Elite Passport was our first contender with an attractive wireless phone charging station and an exterior 360-degree digital exterior camera. As you can gather, the views allow drivers to get a complete analysis of immediate surroundings and help them predict dangers before they happen.


Automaker Hyundai has beefed up its flagship SUV, the Sante Fe Palisade, for the coming year. We wanted to give it a mention because it has an audio matrix that allows the driver to communicate with the second and third-row through well-placed speakers. No more yelling over the car noise! Similarly, this amenity gives the driver the option to listen to music while muting the sound for kids sleeping in the rear of the car. Blind-spot sensors are also part of the base package and it can be locked, unlocked and started remotely using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Users need just download a compatible Blue Link application.


Echoing the Honda Elite, the CLA Coupe from Mercedes-Benz comes with a standard wireless charging station and the choice to add a 360-degree camera system to assist in lane changing and give more ease when parallel parking. However, German automakers go the distance when giving the choice to operate the MBUX Entertainment System from either a center-console touchscreen or a touchpad on the steering wheel. Boasting the most intuitive smart system on the market, it helps navigate your next move from the seat of your car. Your assistant will anticipate who you need to call, where to stop for coffee or turn on your favorite radio station. The included augmented reality feature will lend views of upcoming road signs as an added measure of control.


If you’re in the market for a more substantial vehicle that can tow, the new GMC Sierra looks to be a heavy-weight contender amongst its peers. Not only does it have a 10-speed manual transmission, the technology package includes a boggling 15 different camera views, including a hitch view line of sight. Through a GMC mobile app, towing a trailer is simplified by allowing access to control a range of smart systems monitoring HVAC controls and moving camper slide-outs. Truly impressive. Following suit, this model has both Apple Play technology as well as Android compatibility. If you need a beast to safely and efficiently tow your load, this should be your choice.


The Lincoln Aviator also stood out with recent advances. Along with the usual bells and whistles, this SUV comes with a dazzling amount of tech, including, an adaptive air suspension system that also uses an outdoor camera to scan the road for potholes and adjust the car’s road performance. It likewise comes with lane centering and speed sign recognition to help control speeding.


Like the Aviator, the Range Rover Evoque has included the adaptive air suspension system. However, they go a step above to include a car monitoring system that can be controlled through your phone or smartwatch. This application not only allows the owner to see your vehicle’s location but to also see if it’s locked or if the windows are rolled up. The Smartphone app also helps plan a trip by continually checking gas levels and gas station range.


Nearly with all, there’s a big push for more eco-conscious vehicles. It is expected that more hybrid and electric vehicle technology will be hitting the streets soon. And it won’t just be fleets released from companies like Tesla, new players in the EV business, like Mercedes, will make their presence known.


Starting at a slight loss, with 42 mpg (in comparison to Toyota Camry’s 52 mpg) combined, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid makes up for it in other areas. Like the cars previously mentioned, Koren auto engineers spared no expense when it comes to amenities and controls.  However, buyers will be impressed with the new tech on the roof. The Sonata Hybrid comes fully stocked with a solar panel charging station linked to the car’s battery. It is reported that the panels can charge the existing power source up to 60 percent, in six hours. This adds a total of 800 sun-charged power to the car per year.


Specializing in electric car manufacturing since 2003, Tesla continues to push the envelope with its car technology. The flagship Model S has long been elevating the distance sought by electric car makers. Their newest cameo puts this vehicle with a range between 285 and 370 miles on a full charge, dependent on the model. And depending on your comfort level, the Model S also has an auto-pilot mode that the car to drive itself in certain conditions. The current range for a fully charged ‘S’ is 373 miles, offering almost more range than any other EV.


But again, it was Mercedes-Benz that turned our heads. Their electrifying Vision EQS not only made its mark with a new design but a complete regeneration of the interior and technology. It has LED lighting throughout, from the front grill to the seamless bands silhouetting the seats. Like the CLA Coupe, it has the MBUX System configured into the design, making many controls accessible through an app on your smartphone. And though it slightly beats Tesla, with a range of 435 miles, what impressed us was the use of recycled products in the interior. Alongside configured maple trim made from PET bottles, the roof lining is made from recycled ocean waste plastic.


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