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10 Reasons Why You Should Go For Zoey eCommerce Platforms

Zoey has vast experience working on difficult commerce situations and making them much more manageable. The company aims to achieve this for B2B and wholesale merchants. Zoey eCommerce Platforms syndicates the anticipated capabilities that buyers typically expect from online commerce, with precisely designed B2B capabilities. The platform also provides a wide array of solutions that help B2B and wholesale companies shift to digital orders instantly, taking the benefits of technology to move their business forward and improve sales.

10 Reasons Why You Should Go For Zoey eCommerce Platforms

  1. Integrations

Zoey offers more than 100 integrations with the main systems that businesses use for functioning, confirming that the data can be retrieved in the right ways at the right times.

   2. B2B e-Commerce

The features of Zoey’s B2B eCommerce Platforms allow users to set up a website that can deliver a noticeable presence to current as well as potential customers. It allows businesses to use their catalog as SEO. Customers with distinctive pricing can log in and check their pricing quickly reflected on the website.

   3. Access Restrictions

Access Restrictions are the authorizations controls meant for an assortment of functions on Zoey to ensure that only the right people have approved access to the right data. In the process, it is a fragment of what allows users to customize the ordering experience for their buyers.

   4. Order Portal

An Order Portal offers B2B and wholesale clients a place to log in and place orders. Contrasting to an eCommerce website, which normally has a public-facing constituent, an Order Portal is negligibly designed and allows clients to log in to a secretive site to finish orders. An Order Portal offers similar self-service capabilities to an eCommerce website, along with the ability to see a modified catalog and pricing, place orders or demand sales quotes, see the current orders progress, monitor shipments, and update billing and delivery information.

   5. Salesperson Tools

Zoey offers a wide variety of salesperson-specific competencies to allow salespeople to track their sales, emphasize on their exact customers, and expedite sales through supportive online tools. Sales professionals can have their back-end accounts fixed to only show customers and orders associated with their customer base. They can have orders for their customers routinely attributed to them.

   6. Account Self-Service Tools

While Zoey emphasizes on the B2B eCommerce experience, B2B consumers are actually B2C ones when they develop anticipations of things they can do on their own. Zoey offers a robust set of Account Self-Service Tools that give customers easy access to diverse options.

    7. Visual Design Editor

Zoey’s Visual Design Editor is exclusive in the entire eCommerce space, providing its merchants a huge level of control over their designs without having to know coding. On a worldwide level, users can set fonts, colors, and other essential branding elements that can be selected up by the whole site. Businesses can use pre-built building blocks to set up their page and control their distinct capabilities with diverse settings.

    8. Administration Tools

Zoey’s back-end offers a powerful range of tools that allow wholesalers to capture and manage orders, customers, and products, along with a variety of business support capabilities to ensure the daily business run easily.

    9. Sales Quotes

For accounts that require a helping hand or are not adapted to web ordering, Sales Quotes offers a tool that helps sales and customer service to help customers. It allows users to create a draft order based on a buyer’s needs and submit it to them for consent. An account will get an email to assess and then convert to an order or request changes based on their choice.

    10. Customer Groups

Customer Groups works simultaneously with Access Restrictions to finish the experience of offering a modified buying experience for their accounts. Businesses can assign each account or buyer to a group, which can have committed to it its own Zoey pricing situations. They can also assign billing or shipping options for how customers can pay and get their orders.

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